The following is a Victoria Brides review by a member who has been active for a half-year.

There are those who pursue Ukrainian and Russian women because they’re options are limited “back home” – whether because they live in small or mid-sized town, or they simply don’t have game or status.

Nothing wrong with that –  a man’s gotta’ do what he needs to do.

Women of taste and travel

But there are those of us who prefer Ukrainian and Russian women for their unique appreciation for style and fashion, which ranks alongside the French, Italians, Japanese and others.

That can be confirmed simply by viewing their stunning photos posted on And that’s how I got to know Elena.

We started chatting about two months after I became a member of Victoria Brides.

I was flipping through the Faces feature when I came across Lena wearing a sleek, but not excessively revealing, Adrianna Papell sequin blouson dress.

Immediately I could tell she was a woman of taste and travel. I liked her on the spot and remembered her profile, not knowing whether she’d write back to me.

As it turned out, I did get a message from her! But to read it, I had to become a premium member, as with any interaction with the women of That includes chatting and sending gifts.

It’s $9.99 for 20 credits. It’s 10 credits to send the first letter, 30 credits for each subsequent letter, and two credits per minute for a live chat. It costs 25 credits to view ladies’ videos.

And starting a conversation with a nice virtual gift will cost only 5 credits.

You need a solid amount of credits on your account to feel comfortable on this site, especially for chatting without getting interrupted by annoying pop ups in the most intense moments. I don’t like to count every penny. For me, it’s better to buy a large number of credits once than purchase small packages every few hours.

This site allows you to choose between these credit packages:

  • $9.99 for 20 credits
  • $28.99 for 50 credits
  • $64.99 for 125 credits
  • $99.99 for 250 credits
  • $214.99 for 750 credits

If you are just exploring the site, 125 credits will be more than enough to get a feel for whether it’s the right place to find your future soulmate. But if you’ve already met the right person here and want to develop your relationship further, it’ll take about 750 credits to get serious interaction going, based on my experience.

If you already are an active premium member, it’s much better to buy credit packages on the eve of the holidays when VictoriaBrides regularly offers special promotions and discounts. But you can also get offered a personal discount on any day as the site’s administrators are really interested in building long-term relations with each client.

Also, you can spend your credits on flowers and gifts to other members. I mean, on real flowers and real gifts. The site has its own online shop where you can buy all kinds of romantic stuff.

If you, like me, have fallen in love with a woman from Ukraine, where the gift of flowers is still deeply appreciated by its traditional women, you can make her fall completely head over heels by surprising her with a delivery of fresh-cut long-stem roses. All it takes is several clicks on the site.

Keep in mind that it’s rather a high-cost option. The cost of such bouquets (including delivery) varies from 390 to 3420 credits. The less expensive options typically include only seven roses, while the bouquet for 3,420 credits will consist of 101 roses. Other items in the online shop are clothes, perfumes, champagnes, and different certificates.

Once you’ve found the woman you had been looking for, you can move your interaction off the site by selecting the Request Contact Details service. It’s the safest way to exchange contact information that is available only to members who have proven their identity on the site. The price is 625 credits.

But I recommend spending this money on another service called Set up a Date, which helps you and your girlfriend meet each other in real life. Ordering it, you can count on the assistance of the Victoria Hears team when planning your trip to a foreign country and organizing your amazing first date there.

Lots of mail and messages

What an intriguing letter to read from her! “I’m looking for faithfulness, loyalty and maturity. Beauty (she meant “looks”) is not the most important thing for me but kindness and respectfulness are. I like traveling and be outside in nature. So I can say that I live life, try to see the good in all and use any opportunity that life offers me. What countries have you visited? Could you tell me more about your life, if you’d like, of course )))?”

As I mentioned, I knew all this about her just from her photo! Her letter merely confirmed what she led on with her stylish dress.

I got this letter when it was 3 a.m. in Ukraine. So naturally, I understood it was prewritten. But that’s what was so refreshing. She gave me the lead to respond and pursue her.

I should mention that some of the letters I got from women who noticed my profile were a bit assertive, to put it mildly. “Hey, hey hey, how’s my future husband doing?,” asked one letter. “Haha, I’m joking … but maybe not …” I don’t know if the VictoriaBrides women get help writing letters, because that woman could have used it.

The chat invitations are also prewritten, which is apparent when they say, “Hi JohnSmith, Can I steal some of your precious time?” That made me suspicious of who it was that I was chatting with. But I began to see that these were those women they claimed to be because they remembered info and detail from previous chats.

Active women who can transition

The site was satisfying all my scrutiny just as I was intensifying my conversations with Lena, one of several women I was interacting with yet easily stood out.

As it turned out, she works in a medical practice, which is a field that’s profession that’s easy to convert once in the U.S. It’s also a profession that has enabled her to afford such stylish clothes.

I told her of my love for skiing, something she admitted she hadn’t explored yet but eagerly wanted to learn (with me as her personal trainer!) Indeed if things continue the way they are, we’ll be spending her winter break in western Ukraine’s mountains, which offer rugged trails in among thick pristine forests.

When that time comes, a Victoria Brides representative will be present for our first meetings. Lena’s English is strong enough that we don’t need a translator.

Our exchanges so far has revealed a confidence about her that is unique for the women I’ve come across from Ukraine, who tend to be more coy and reserved.

It’s qualities like these – a strong career, self-confidence, style – that lead me to believe that she can make an easy transition to life in the U.S., piquing my interest even further.

Top notch security despite a few glitches

A glitch that I don’t like about Victoria Brides is that it doesn’t save your searches after you have the search page. So every time you return, you have to re-enter the criteria of your advanced search, which gets quite annoying.

Another glitch is that I was not able to select countries for when I attempted an advanced search. But after a while, it was Ukraine that I was most interested in regardless, which seems to be VictoriaBrides’ specialty.

If you select university degree in your advanced search of Ukrainian women, you’ll get an enormous variety confirming that you’ll be getting not only someone to keep you warm at night but a partner in life who will stimulate your mind.

Is VictoriaBrides a scam or a safe place to find love?

Victoria Brides is a legit dating site, not a scam. Moreover, it offers numerous safeguards to filter out potential scammers who lurk on online dating sites to extract money and gifts. These include:

  • Encryption technology to protect financial and personal information.
  • Detailed tips on how to spot scammers.
  • A procedure for members to submit complaints about review.
  • Bans on those violating the terms of use.

Support team ready to help

Also, I was impressed with the professionalism demonstrated by the support team. I turned to them several times, and each time with rather silly questions (as I don’t like to read F.A.Q.s and guidelines). But they were polite and friendly and had enough patience to give me clear and understandable responses.

By the way, it’s very convenient that any member can contact them immediately from any page of the site. Clicking on the Contact Us button on the screen’s righthand side will enable you to open the form to submit your questions, concerns and requests.

Here you can even attach screenshots to illustrate your problems. Once you’ve clicked on the Send button, a support team professional receives your message and starts working on the solution immediately.

The response time usually depends on how complicated it is, which is determined on a case-by-case basis. Although you can count on getting an answer from support within a single day, all my issues were resolved within 1-2 hours.

If you don’t want to fill in all the fields of the contact form, you can send your questions via e-mail at [email protected].

For me, the best way to get support is a telephone helpline. But unfortunately, the site doesn’t offer that now.

I’ve enjoyed my experience with the expectation that this Victoria Brides review will shatter negative views not only about online dating sites but Ukrainian women on the whole.

Some of the conversations Lena and I have had covered impressionist painters, the good and bad of modern art and the must-see historical monuments of both Europe and the U.S. Just try to have some those conversations with someone from your American city!